Wumi ‘Wumzum’ Olaosebikan is a British born illustrator, muralist, animator of Nigerian decent.

Heavily influenced by Urban London living, Nintendo and cartoons of the early 2000s, his work speaks of stories of youth, energetic and positive living. All this is done through digital and traditional illustration as well as animation.
The character designs are a reflection of Urban London living, and street art portrays the journeys and trials of living in an urban environment. The work encompasses the strong connection with his identity as a black british millennial.
In 2009 he founded the Story Telling Collective Beddow ‘n’ Battini. Since 2010 he has led the group of artists and writers with a Major Exhibition every year since as well as conducting Educational and International Commissions and Projects.

Illustrator Artist muralist JesusSavesSouls