100word pilgrimage



Beddow n Battini

O2 Think Big, 4749 Tanner Street

100wordpilgrimage was an interactive exhibition that brought artists and writers together to create work based around the City that they live in. In this situation it is London.

The ‘100-Word Pilgrimage’ is our way of exploring new perspectives on the city that has inspired our work over the years: London.

The writers journeyed out first, bringing back one-hundred-word long interpretations of various parts of London. Then the visual artists followed, responding to the writings as they explored the locations for themselves.

With all the work assembled, our team of animators set to work, bringing these words and static images to life. We created a window into London through the eyes of its inhabitants. This window was in fact the screen of any phone or tablet onto which the augmented reality app, Aurasma, had been downloaded. Using sophisticated image recognition technology combined with an intuitive interface, Aurasma enabled us to create an interactive layer to our work, inviting the audience to step into the pictures and hear the stories spoken to them out loud.

The ‘100-Word Pilgrimage’ started with a conceptual journey for each artist, but the destination was a physical art experience for anyone who wanted to take a closer look for themselves. With support from ‘47/49 Tanner Street’, ‘O2 Think Big’ and the ‘Southwark Arts Forum’, the ‘100-Word Pilgrimage’ presented a unique opportunity for artists and audience members to learn about their city, their neighbourhood as well as their community. But with the global community becoming more and more connected, stopping at London is out of the question.

The #100WordPilgrimage at 4749 :: Beddow ‘n’ Battini Studios from Lorenzo Strappelli on Vimeo.


Illustrator Artist muralist Afrozen