Brainchild Festival – The Silence Pub

The Silence Pub is a larges scale interactive comic strip the doubles as a Narrative game. The Premise? Let the audience’s perspective is challenged by the narrative panels. Images 5 corridors/walls each representing a page of the comic, The audience, walk through these pages being interrogated by 3 characters, The Evangelical Atheist, The Neo-Liberal, and the Donkey. 
Panels are a metre and a half large, each showing a particular action or narrative of an overarching story.

Artwork was drawn and painted by myself. The story revolves around different types of brainwashing which were all trying to escape from. Its a meta-narrative.

The conclusion of the pieces actually is a live art session. The audience who have walked through the comic give their perspective on the worldview they’ve been challenged with.


at-the-bar The-Silence-Pub2 The-Silence-Pub16 The-Silence-Pub15 The-Silence-Pub14 The-Silence-Pub13 The-Silence-Pub12 The-Silence-Pub11 The-Silence-Pub8 The-Silence-Pub7 The-Silence-Pub9 Brain-CHild-characters Perspective-Comic-story-board-Brainchild Perspective-Comic-Brainchild The-Silence-Donkey IMG-20190716-WA0022 The-Silence-Pub3 The-Silence-Pub6 The-Silence-Pub5 The-Silence-Pub10 IMG-20190716-WA0024 The-Silence-Pub4 The-Silence-Pub IMG-20190716-WA0026 IMG-20190716-WA0025 IMG-20190716-WA0021 20190712_205902 20190712_205859 20190712_204950 BC_WUMI_14 BC_WUMI_01 BC_WUMI_03 BC_WUMI_05 BC_WUMI_06 BC_WUMI_08 BC_WUMI_11

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