Creative Gamers: XBOX Exhibition

Creative Gamers: Xbox Exhibiton



Sponsors: BoxPark, Game


Creative Gamers are a collection of Illustrators and Artists Living in london who Take Gaming Pretty seriously. This wasn’t just a bunch of Fan art, its a collection of well crafted Pieces celebrating Xbox Gaming Culture and characters.
Work consisting of games such as Halo and Skyrim, to hidden Arcade games like TMNT and Bastion! The show went really well. One of the best ones Ive had. I guess its because I didn’t have to deal with any of the financial stuff. This allowed me to concentrate on the creative side of thing, which included finding the right artists to work with an working on something your excited about. Brief was to create works that were based around Iconic Xbox Games and Franchises.

We also made AWESOME T-shirts from the work we made thanks to YrStore.

Illustrator Artist muralist Logikoma