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Wumzum/Wumi Olaosebikan – London Based illustrator/Animator/Muralist/Nintendoholi

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Incredible urban artist and self-confessed Nintendoholic Wumzum/Wumi Olaosebikan is filling Ziferblat with colour and life with his new solo show. We’re kicking off with a live-art showcase to open the exhibition 29th of Feburary Friday and a special view on 4th March – £5 on the door.
Opening 29th: 5pm-11pm
Speacial view: 5pm-11pm

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Returning to Shoredtich, the town that harboured his teen and early twenties development as a visual artist, Wumzum’s art and characters reflect the contrasts within the themes and cultures that the youth feed on. From the hustle and bustle of the urban landscape which forces a fast-pased lifestyle, to the constantly evolving sub-genres and subcultures of the city.

“I’d like to think my work reflects the character of those invisible doors that you cross through in a city. The ones that take you to a place where completely different people live, even though their right next to each other.”

THE OPENING (Monday 29th February)
Expect Live Drawing in his characteristic style; take this unqiue chance to have your portrait done by this up-and-coming artist and support the international spread of his work as he sets off to Japan.
#Helpwumzumgettojapan and #BuymyPrints!

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