Teufelsberg Berlin Rising

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[photo Credit: Nika Kramer Photography]

I was invited with about 60 other artis from around the world to take part in Berlins Biggest Paint Jam Weekend. Artists from the likes of Dank, Amara por Dios, W3SR and Londons Jim vision all took part. I traveled solo for once, without my trusty partner in paint Tatiana Alisova to tackle the biggest solo wall ive ever painted.

Teufelsberg, translated as Devil’s Mountain, is a man made forest that houses an old German Listening station. The Sation was used to spy on citizens and naighbouring countries. Its now Abandons like many old buildings in Berlin, and is given new life be the surge of creative groups sweeping Berlin. Muralists in particular. Teufels

Organised by LondonGraffiti’s Daniel Wood, the weekend was jampacked with Taggers, Writers and muralists alike. I was pretty much between the two powerhouses Dan Kitchener and the Duo of Amara por Dios and her partner Flesh, but some how managed to create something I was super proud of.


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