Mural > Lagos Exporting her Culture

Lagos Exporting Her Culture

Oct 2018

Liquitex Spraycan

Foilo, Lagos Nigeria


The Scond Mural of my Exploring Lagos Trip. Special thanks to Zubby of Foilio for the wall, and all the peep at ARTWORLD in Yaba. esspecially the security guard who got me that green spray paint. The Aim: Communicate nigera/lagos as city with something to share with the world. I was thinking about how Lagos could be a trader and who else symbolises Trade as Mama with her good on her head.

This piece should taken a day to do, BUT LIQUITEX CANS ARE STRESS… they Drip a lot… And mosquitos… and lack of light AND having to run off to another job made it stretch.

Illustrator Artist muralist Afrozen