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After Effects, Photoshop

Hatched Galleries Present: 100wordpilgrimage: Journey from east to south

100WORDPILGRIMAGE Exhibition took writers and artists into an exhibition where we would create work collaboratively based around London.

I was teamed up with a writer named Haddi who wrote a piece about my home town of Whitechapel in east london. I actually had to create a piece based off his writing, which was very cryptic at the time. This is the animation for Whitechapel. The sound is Fuzzy on purpose. The writers got to do their own Voice overs for the animations which made it even more of a challenge to tell the story, but i hope i got the idea of investigating the secret Vietnamese community in Whitechapel on lock.


Vietshapl by Mohamed-El-Haddi

Obscure characters on iridescent screen. Lines of emerald through the District, carving up into the night.
Goodbye to certainty.

Can’t you speak Vietnamese?


Index pointing. Walkers-by thinking.

He was immune to the feeling of loss, walking endlessly, yet a distinctive goal in mind.


Succour within a multifarious oasis. Gritty. Pure. He believed he could achieve anything.

An Empath pointed their index at the horizon.
‘Right there. See?’

Whitechapel. He could see it, now.
Crossing the road of his life, he took in the shadows, then exhaled. Home.

Illustrator Artist muralist Demones der