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Metapolis is a self-initiated project exploring urban living and legends using the Visual language of comics. I've often used it as a vehicle to experiment with ideas for a Live Comic through installations and mural projects. London is the bases but the meta is a portal to the universal.

Terra Nexus 2.0

Terra Nexus was an immersive exhibition featuring 25 artists curated by Gabriella Sonabend. First opening at Proposition Studios in Peckham in October 2020, the second iteration of the exhibition took place on the 10th floor of the former ITV Tower on the South Bank. With an expanded and reconfigured labyrinth Terra Nexus 2.0 developed from the first project with each artist pushing the multi-sensory boundaries of their former installations; reflecting on the human relationship with the biosphere against the backdrop of an ancient metropolis reawakening into a post lockdown reality.

For Metapolis, the artists sought to create a journey through a fragmented environment; a society driven by progress and our forgotten origin. Sculptural paintings, crafted by Wumzum, each encompass layers of the city we navigate on a daily basis. It is a material and psychological undertaking that often leaves us disoriented and at times disempowered. Ghosts of ruins, creatures, and cognitive dissonance form a landscape that leads one to a question, presented by a fragile but prolific peony flower. At the altar it asks: What is holding the city together? Drifting through the space soundscapes hum from the city’s districts. The journey suggests our psyche unfolding as we grasp for a truth we long for, but simultaneously struggling to connect with.

The soundscapes are curated by And Is Phi with a team of musicians and producers made up of Zethu Maseko, Henry Onwardi, Pie Eye Collective, and D’Vo. The sound transforms the cityscapes into speaker boxes both in despotic and utopian conversation. Metapolis offers a movement through urban anxiety, our resilience, and a longing. A longing to be in harmony with a natural world that includes ourselves.

the Silence Pub

at the bar The seilence Pub.png

The Silence pub was the first attempt at creating a walk through comic. Backed by Brainchild festival I wrote and designed a 4 stage interactive comic that revolved around 3 characters in a public house, each with the infused with stubborness and extreme world views. The audience would walk through the comics hallways and come to the question; 'Who Speaks For You', and be expected to write their ansers at the end. These are all character who exist in the realm of the Meta.

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